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 WBC World Champ

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UcF Yellow Belt
UcF Yellow Belt

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PostSubject: WBC World Champ   10/3/2010, 5:47 pm

Played this queer in a PLAYER MATCH, emphasis on player, he picked GSP, I got Dong Hyun Kim through picking random and all he was doing was cage humping and reseting over and over again. He's a level 121 and garbage! I sent him a message and got no reply, no surprise there, if you come across him remember he will just cage hump for 15 mins.

I can't believe people would actually resort to cage humping in a player match.

But like I said before, the majority of people over level 100 are dirty players that win by using cheap tactics like him, I know I came across a shit load of them.
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Unique Poet
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UcF White Belt
Unique Poet

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PostSubject: Re: WBC World Champ   10/3/2010, 10:06 pm

Well try me on with my new gamer tag coming soon.
Cage humping is avoided by skill grapple level one.
The tactic is old and easy to escape.
Try practicing your grappling.
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WBC World Champ
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